Editing and Proofreading Services

100% un-biased editing is what adds weight to a research document. At Regent Editing, we understand this and are hence determined towards ensuring the well-edited nature of the research documents. While handling a dissertation editing project, we ensure to scrutinize each and every word within the document.

Experienced editors at Regent Editing are keen towards offering 3 different kinds of editing services as mentioned below:-

Editing Service
Proofreading Service
ESL Editing Service

Editing a document involves going through a document of around100-200 pages and this can be quite a challenging task. For a research student who has to undertake a large number of activities, going through every minute detail of the finalised research paper can actually be daunting. With an expert editing team on-board, Regent Editing never says “No” to any editing project that comes its way.

Our editing services ensure:
  • 100% Coherence
    This includes effective, logical flow and articulation of all presented arguments
  • 100% Consistency
    This refers to absolute uniformity of style, language and key terms throughout the research document
  • 100% Compliance
    This refers to 100% accurate layout, format and referencing according to academic conventions

With a good hold on dissertation copyediting, editing experts at Regent Editing are there to resolve all your queries regarding copyediting a finished document. After a thorough review of your document, we add important matter that is actually capable of enhancing the worth of the research document. We even provide a free of cost editing report along with every completed editing project. Apart from making your dissertation/thesis error-free, we also put in every bit of effort towards ensuring that your paper is absolutely free from plagiarism. You can get an insight into our editing service range by going through the testimonials posted by our satisfied customers hailing from different corners of the world. To order for the services, know about our editors or ask for a plagiarism check, please get in touch with our project managers.