• Dissertation

    PhD, Master’s Dissertation Editing

    Grab your MBA/MSc degree faster by getting professional dissertation editing service from our experts. We guarantee 100% removal of grammar and citation errors with overall improvement in use of language.
  • Dissertation Proofreading

    Dissertation Proofreading

    When you opt for dissertation proofreading service, your document is combed for all English language issues it has like typo, tense, flow and structure of the document.
  • Editing for ESL Students

    Editing for ESL Students

    If English has not been your first language, this service can help you improve your writing quality and get closer to success. Our editors will do a comprehensive check and even rewrite your content to make it acceptable for academic purposes.
  • Editing and Proofreading Services by native UK editors: Regent Editing

    Welcome to Regent Editing, your trusted partner for UK English language editing and proofreading services. We are a team of over 24 PhD editors, 5 graphic designers and 17 dissertation review specialists. We bring to you the best thesis and dissertation editing service in the United Kingdom.

    Our service will escalate the approval chances of your academic document and over 90% of our clients have reported increase in grades than what they expected by opting for our service. Regent Editing is amongst leading service providers for editing and proofreading service and over 40 Universities from UK have placed their confidence in us. You can place an order in two easy steps at this page. We guarantee on-time delivery of the edited dissertations/theses.

    Our range of services include:-


    At Regent Editing, we are a team of trained professionals seamlessly working with the aim of removing language as a barrier to academic research. With our expert guidance, you can get rid of the numerous errors within your dissertation including spelling errors, grammatical errors, citation flaws, sentence structural errors and improve chances of acceptance of your dissertation.


    It is widely acknowledged that even experienced writers can overlook errors in their own writing. Our proofreading service has been assisting PhD and Master’s candidates to get rid of Language errors from their document. Our stringent proofreading techniques ensure that the dissertation doesn’t lose its original significance under any circumstances.

    ESL Editing

    ESL students struggling with their dissertations can now be rest assured about the approval of their dissertation by ordering Regent Editing’s ESL editing services. Our pool of ESL editors are well-versed with a wide range of formatting styles including Harvard, Harvard Law, OSCOLA, APA and other leading formatting styles. Many candidates from Non-English speaking countries like China, Korea, Vietnam, Russia and Middle East have been opting for this service.


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