Standard Editing

A comprehensive and cost effective option

Our service for standard proofreading is adequate to address the requirements of the scholars pursuing research. Under this service, we do a thorough check of the document and suggest all the required changes. The following aspects are assessed by the proofreaders:

Grammatical  Errors

      Typo Errors       Punctuations


Check the syntax for the document and remove all grammatical mistakes. Many a time students overlook mistakes of tense, verb, etc. which causes wrong sentence formation. There can be a lot of typing errors, which you overlook because of the pace at which you work to finish your manuscript. These typo errors may cause spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and take your text completely off track. A wrongly placed comma or semi colon can change the meaning of the sentence, especially when you are using formal language. We check the minutest part of the document  and make corrections to punctuation errors, as well. With so many complicated terms in the dissertation/ thesis that you are preparing, it is natural to go wrong with spellings sometimes. Our proofreaders, working with the subject matter experts, correct all spelling mistakes.

Ensuring 100 per cent effectiveness for the proofreading service requires that you allot sufficient time for the task. A project can take anywhere between seven days to 15 days to get completed. A team of editors and proofreaders is assigned a project, and they interact with the clients on a regular basis, giving updates and taking feedback. Since the editors have been part of research process since at least a decade, you can be assured of their proficiency and depth of knowledge. The suggestions that we provide regarding references or research tools are based on years of experience and thorough supportive research by our backend team.

Send a query to our project managers and get an estimate of the time and cost. This is a cost effective solution, as we cover the entire document, from the title to bibliography.